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VIVA Vision Film & TV production company


YEAR / 2010


SURFACE / 600 m2


The assignment was to relocate the new head offices of a film and TV production company (recording, editing, dubbing and audiovisual production).

The program of functions can be classified in four parts: management and administrative area (offices and meeting rooms), technical rooms (audio, image, set and backstage), common public area (multifunctional space, toilets and cafeteria) and installation area (machine and storage rooms).

The concept of the project is to create a work space that thanks to its transparency can show the visitor the production process. The most important work rooms, where the “product” of the company is being made, should be visible to the visitor and client. As a result a transparent volume is created to locate the main work rooms in the center of the space. A showcase volume, open, transparent and visible to everyone. This central piece articulates and separates functions within the office, acting as a organizing piece.

The central volume is formed by a sequence of wooden frames, formed by a laminated pine structure 80x120mm thick.

The enclosure is solved with methacrylate and plywood pine panels depending on the needs of the interior work rooms. The wooden structure on the outside is used to create “vitrine” shelves where the videotapes, created by the firm, are stored; following the concept of the central volume as a showcase structure.

The interior partition walls of the nave have wooden wool panels as paneling material, 60cmx60cm in dimension, fixed to a wooden stripgrid . This material helps the technical rooms acoustically and allow the electrical installations  to be accessible.

Due to the low height of the space and the complexity of the preexisting and new installations (air-conditioning, electricity, plumbing and IT) the decision is taken to leave them in sight. To solve the ceiling aesthetically and acoustically a continuous layer is projected. The covering is applied in black due to the strict luminic needs of the technical rooms.

The central nave, where the most complex rooms qua installations are located, is fed by accessible metal trays which help the maintenance of the complicated electrical needs.

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