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House Oosterpark




 / 180 m2


The clients wanted to renovate their apartment located in the superb location in front of the Oosterpark in Amsterdam.

The apartment occupies the third and fourth floor of a house built in the 1930s. It has two great features, first of all it’s location with it’s stunning views on the Oosterpark, one of the most important and vast parks in Amsterdam; secondly it is a house of great width a rare characteristic in the houses in The Netherlands (8 meters). The combination of both aspects makes it possible to create a grand house with an open floor plan, with great views and a great natural light.

The apartment inverts the traditional arrangement of a house, placing the open-plan living room and kitchen on the 4th floor, and the private areas on the 3rd floor. On top of the house a roof terrace is created to enjoy the views on the Oosterpark, this is directly linked via a “light” tunnel to the living-space enlarging the use and feeling of the common areas. The 3rd floor has a more traditional layout, comprising four bedrooms and three bathroom facilities.

As main interior design feature is the long cabinet in the living room that encloses the kitchen, the fireplace and all the storage and amenities needed for entertaining. It is a unique object that runs along the whole space, it brings unity and color to the living area while adding a unique design flair.







OOS-3rd floor copy.jpg
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