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North Coast
Medical Training




 / 1200 m2


The North Coast Medical Training College, is a medical college located in Kilifi county, in the South-East of Kenya.

It is a medical college whose main goal in to train highly competent healthcare workers using modern and innovative technology in order to improve healthcare for the local and global communities.


Health training in Kenya is mostly aimed at training doctors and nurses who will work in local and provincial hospitals. There is no suitable training program available for primary care. Due to the absence of this primary care, many people die unnecessarily from easily treatable diseases. In September 2012, the first training of the NCMTC started in a number of rented classrooms of a secondary school in the area. "North Coast" now has its own campus where more than 600 students are trained to become primary health workers. The college is becoming more popular every year to meet the demand for new health workers, expanding exponentially over the past years. 

Due to this rapid growth there is a huge need of new public facilities and buildings within the campus. 

One of the needs is the creation of a formal Graduation Square, a public square where different functions can take place: graduation ceremonies, outdoor learning spaces, informal meetings and religious services. A meeting space for the whole campus.

This multifunctional space gave us the opportunity to create a long bench that would frame this now open space. This long bench changes in form and size throughout its path, to be able to adapt to the different functions. It is a playful object that can be used in many ways and by different people. 

The bench is made of coral stone, a local material, very resistant and natural, that changes with time.

The bench will be build in October 2022 by local staff members.  

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