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About 3x3 architecture 

Is an architectural practice established in 2013 in Amsterdam by Myriam López-Rodero. The office works within an international network, deriving its strength from an interdisciplinary approach. They work on different scales, but all projects mainly focus on smaller design solutions handled with care and an eye for detail. 

About Us

Myriam López-Rodero /

Born in Madrid, Spain. During her childhood she lives in Spain as well as abroad. She studies architecture at the Technical School of Architecture, UPM in Madrid as well as at the Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands.

Her professional career begins in Madrid collaborating in an internationaly renowned office, and continues in The Netherlands where she works in Rotterdam and Groningen in aclaimed architecture firms.

In 2008 she moves back to Spain where she starts her own practice, Madland estudio, together with two partners.

In 2012 she decides to become independent creating her own firm where she develops architecture, interior design and refurbishment projects.

Currently she lives in Amsterdam where she develops projects In The Netherlands and in Spain in collaboration with other architectural practices.

Agata Warminska Vinckier /

Born in Poland behind the Iron Curtain. She completed a Master of Science degree in Architecture and Urban Design in 2001 at West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland. Soon after graduation she did her first foreign internship in Middelburg in the Netherlands from where she followed to Switzerland to pursue postgraduate studies in Architecture at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH of Zurich. 

In 2005 she settled in Dublin, Ireland where she worked for many years at Heneghan Peng Architects, an international design partnership. The projects she was involved in were among others: The Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo and National Gallery in Dublin.   

In 2017 she followed her husband’s career and relocated to Amsterdam, inadvertently closing the loop of her international experiences that started 15 years earlier in Middelburg in the Netherlands. 

Relevant Projects

2022 / Interior design of a coffee bar. Coffee + Kids. Ijburg, Amsterdam

2021- / Complete renovation. Toscano house. Nieuwgein. NL


2021- / Complete renovation. House van Riet. Nieuwgein. NL

2019- / Extension and refurbishment of dwelling. Da Costacade, Amsterdam. NL

2019 / Complete renovation of a national monument. Brouwers House. Amsterdam, NL

2018-2019 / Interior design project. Steigereiland, Amsterdam. NL

2018-2019 / Interior design project. Bloemendaal. NL

2016-2018 / Single family house. Navas del Marqués, Spain.

2014-2015 / Renovation and roof extension. Amsterdam, NL.

2013-2014 / Refurbishment of Muñoz House. Madrid, Spain.

2013 / Refurbishment of Merino apartment. Madrid, Spain.

2011- 2012 / Single family house. Soto de Viñuelas, Spain.

2010 / Single family house. Bustarviejo, Spain.

2009 - 2010 / Elementary school fot the Lobi Etnia. Gaoua,

Burkina Faso.

2009 - 2010 / ‘Splash, actividades acuáticas’ Indoor swimming-school. Madrid, Spain.

2009 - 2010 / ‘Viva Vision’ Film and TV Production Company. Madrid, Spain.

2008- / ‘Coreal’ Aluminum Refinery Offices. Villadangos del Páramo, Spain.

2008- / Single family house. Aravaca, Spain.

2008 / ‘Rivera & Plaza’ office headquarters. Madrid. Spain.

2001-2003 / Infrastructure, Resource Generation, Management and Institutional Strengthening in vulnerable Communities. San Cristóbal & Batey Gautier, Dominican Republic

Professional Collaborations

Awards, Publications

& Lectures

2014 / KCAP Architects & Planners. NL

2004-2005 2011-2013 / Burgos & Garrido arquitectos asociados. SP

2006-2008 / ONIX architecten. NL

2005-2006 / DKV architecten. NL

2022 / Article in magazine: A Vivre. Casa Salamandra 


2022 / Online Publication: ArchDaily. Casa Salamandra

           Online Publication: Archello. Casa Salamandra 

           Online Publication: Archello. House A&W 

2017- / Teacher, Lecturer  and Pedagogical Advisor at the Academie van Bouwkunst in Groningen. NL

2016 / Article in Forum 12: Brieven

2016 / Publication:"Mujeres en la sombra: Aino Marsio" in the book Arquitectas, redefiniendo la profesión, Ed. Recolectores Urbanos,  Sevilla

2015 / Lecture at the international conference Women designers, crafstwomen, architects and engineers between 1918 and 1945. Leiden University, The Netherlands.

2015 / Online Publication: Un Día Una Arquitecta. 'Aino Aalto, 1894-1949'.

2014 / Lecture: "Mujeres en la sombra: Aino Marsio". ArquitectAs, 1st Symposium on Architecture and Gender. Sevilla, Spain

2012 / Online Publication : ArchDaily. ‘Aluminum Refinery Offices’.

2011 / Publication: Diseño Interior. nº 228. ‘An expressive heart’, Film and TV production offices.

2011 / Publication: ArchDaily. ‘Film and Tv production offices’.

2010 / Publication: Pasajes diseño, nº 23. ‘Desde dentro’. Offices for a Film and TV Production Company.

2009 / Competition: Urbanacción. Honorable mention. ‘Made in Chalk’.

Publication and exhibition.

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